Saturday, 12 March 2016


In response to an advert on Gumtre 

I received a text message from  +442476100740 which read...
"I just saw your advert on Gumtree, I've spacious property that will interest you. Kindly get back to me on for more details"
My response was...
Hi, Just responding to your text message reference my Gumtree ad. I'd appreciate it if you send me more information on the property. Thank You
The reply...
Hello David Thanks for your reply. The flat is still available for rent which is located in Brook Street, Coleraine BT52 1PP. I took the pictures some days ago and you can stay in my flat as long as you pay your rent at when due. Here are the necessary things you need to know about the rent and deposit. Rent per month is £750 { water, gas, council tax, TV license and wireless Internet} Security deposit of £500 protected by the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and it's refundable after end of your stay in my flat. However, i need to know some details about you. Can you keep my flat clean and tidy? Do you have character reference? The flat is new and all the facilities present are all new so i am looking for a responsible and clean tenant. I am reliable and open. If anything went wrong in the flat, i will make sure the problem is quickly rectified. I have been disappointed lately with unserious interested candidate when it comes to viewing or reservation so i would appreciate your sincere reply. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Mr/Mrs Boakes

I then emailed Sandra...
Thank You Sandra. Could you tell me what number it is on Brook Street ? Also when would I be able to view the property ?
Sandra responded with...
Hello David, Thanks for your reply. As regards to your question, the property is situated in 1-41 Brook Street, Coleraine BT52 1PP. However, i am renting the property out because i have just moved outside Coleraine to start a new job in London where in currently work and live and it is 5 years contract. I would need to take a day off in order to come down to Coleraine and schedule viewing with you. Also, you are restricted to go near my property because there are various types of people out there pretending to be who they are not (Sorry for this but i am saying this out of experience) so you have no reason to view my property without my permission. Some prospective tenants do not have the money to pay the rent nor the deposit, yet they disturb the landlord for viewing or arrange viewing with their friend but some do not meet up with the appointments. Nevertheless, you would need to pay a holding deposit of £500 in order to secure the flat. The holding deposit would be credited for the refundable security deposit once you are willing to proceed with the rent after viewing but before that, my solicitor would need some information from you to draft an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which you will print, sign and email back to me the sign copy. Your full name: Current address: Confirmed move in date: move out date: Mobile number: Please get back to me with these information so that i can tell you how to proceed and please, let me know if you have other options because i wouldn't want to schedule viewing with you and get disappointed at the end of the day.
Regards Mr/Mrs Boakes
I couldn't help but ask...
Hi, Could you tell me why the pictures you took when you were in Coleraine of the flat are exactly the same as pictures advertising a flat in Kelvinbridge, Glasgow as seen @
If I get a reply from this annoying arsehole I'll update here  ;)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Last December

Following the removal of the illegal upload by ladfleg of a song entitled "Last December" put out for a bet I was contacted by Kevin Connolly a fictitious character  created by the photographer behind ladfleg. For your amusement I've  screen captured the conversation...

I then requested Kevin as a friend on facebook which he didn't respond to and haven't heard anything from him since. I'd like to appeal for "Kevin the dissident" to come back online and grace us with your insight to all that is happening in LADworld these days

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Supplementary Waffle

I’m blaming twitter on inspiring me to express myself again online. This blog has been set up in the off chance that I need more than 140 characters to do so.
Watch this space, if there’s nothing on TV or  @ the movies, or walking past that leaves you with your jaw touching the ground :-)